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Becoming a coach

I spent over 15 years in HR leadership roles across numerous industries, predominately high growth software technology companies. It was in these fast paced environments that I quickly honed my craft wearing multiple hats, partnering globally and cross functionally, and simultaneously flying the plane while both building it and learning to fly.  I quickly found passion in the interesting leadership and culture problems I was solving that included systemic bias issues, exploring the drivers of individual and team performance of already high performing people, and scaling the values of organizations.


Like most other driven leaders, my career became my passion, purpose, and to some degree, an identity for me.  Perhaps you can relate.  This unbalanced way of living for my career was unsustainable and destined to fail. And in 2022 it came to a screeching halt when I completely burnt out from 2.5+ years of working around the clock during the Covid pandemic. I was forced to confront my increasing GI and other health issues including IBS-C, Sibo/IMO, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism.  I had to make what felt like an unfair decision: my health or my career.  

On a 3-month medical leave my passion for my career was quickly replaced with a passion and a quest to be healthy (and high performing) again.  Completely dissatisfied with what conventional medicine told me after rounds of testing, I enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program™ at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition hoping it would lead to better answers and options.  Not only did that turn out to be true, but I also stumbled into, or perhaps intuitively landed on, a deeper and more aligned purpose that I never expected: to become a subject matter expert on holistic wellbeing and provide others with the support that I was so desperate for as I navigated the balance between health, career and life.

I look forward to working with you.

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My Specialities

I welcome the opportunity to work with you on a variety of wellness goals. I have additional expertise and experience with: 

  • Leadership Development

  • Career transitions and pivots

  • Gut health and digestive issues including IBS & Sibo/IMO

Spiritual Meditation

A bigger mission

I whole heartedly believe in the power of holistic health coaching to enable individual wellbeing and I've built my practice committed to delivering that to you.


I also know that it alone is not enough to prevent the burnout and subsequent health issues that I, and so many, have and are facing. Companies and employers must take responsibility for employee wellbeing in the workplace.  We are spending an average of 85,000 hours at work in our lifetime, second only to sleep. So wellbeing is no longer a matter of prioritization for organizations but rather a strategic imperative. 


To support this important work, I founded Kiwe Collective, an HR consulting firm focused on workplace wellbeing and aimed at addressing wellbeing from a systemic standpoint through curated experiences and collaborative consulting. 

While I no longer believe that we should look to our jobs or careers for our purpose, I do know firsthand that we are sometimes fortunate enough for that to be the case.  It is both the mission of Kiwe Collective and my personal mission to spread wellbeing one individual, team, and company at a time.  

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